Shri Mohanbhai L. Patel

President / Managing Trustee,

Patel Kelavani Mandal

 The aim of education is to change life, society and nation.

 The wealth of a nation is its educated men and women.

 Our educational institution Shree Patel Kelavani mandal Upper Primary Girls School aims for women's empowerment, to strengthen and train women to be intellectually competent, morally upright, physically healthy, spiritually advanced and socially mature who will confidently face this ever changing cometitive world and will change the future of all beings towards betterment. We create a network of women empowered with skills and knowledge to be able to contribute to healthy economy and growth of the society and nation.

 To excel in today's moving competitive world, Patel Kelavani Mandal provides advanced education with latest technology, powered by constant innovation and research, for achieving sustainable development in academics, co-curriccular activities as well as in individual's development.

 To achieve the target, we provide best learning atmosphere suported by highly educated competitive and dedicated faculty members.

 I strongly encourage all the prospective students and parents to visit the campus, meet the principal for your future prospect.

 Let us all join our hands together for better and prosperous future and best nation.


Shri Mohanbhai Jasmatbhai Dalashaniya


Shree Patel Kelavani mandal Upper Primary Girl's School, Junagadh.

Realize - Create - Accomplish

 We are living in a fast changing world which has led to the explosion of the knowledge. Moreover, due to the advanced science and technology, the modern world has shrunk. Again, communication has made information easily accessible.

 Accessibility of information is not the only aim of education; in face the fundamental need of the present education is to create a smarter, well informed, efficient, rationalized and adaptable social being. Therefore education should continue to pay proper attention towards the harmonious development of human personality. It is important to remember that students are driven by passion, curiosity, engagement and dreams. That is why education should prepare students for a specific career, as well as to teach students life-long values, discipline and the ability to explore new ideas to think independently. Moreover using inspiration, visionary ambitions, creativity, risk, motivation and the ability to bounce back from failure - are the skills associated with understanding the value of knowledge.

 Shapping a person to behave like a sound man, throughout his/her life and contribute the best for nation building is the target of our institute. Though the future is uncertain, we must prepare ourselves to face the future unknown challenges.


Hasmukhaben B. Marvaniya


Shree Patel Kelavani mandal Upper Primary Girl's School, Junagadh.

 The aim of education should be to lead value - based pioneering efforts to...

  • facilitate intellectual motivation to create, continue and spread knowledge.
  • empower students to meet the challenges of a collaborative and competitive globalize environment.
  • synergize excellence amongst students.
  • institute a culture of inclusiveness.
  • provide wide access to higher education opportunities.
  • initiate trends which impact global higher education policies and practices.

 Recognizing this need, our institution aims at building up a responsible citizen for the nation. Bearing this in mind, we contribute to the society by providing value-added education. We value education and therefore we educate values too. We emphasize not only on achieving academic excellence but also on overall development of the students. We look for, bring and assist you 'Realize - Create - Accomplish'.